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Overview of School Policies and Regulations

King's College, Budo has a Christian Foundation. The Rules and Regulations governing the school are based on these Christian norms and beliefs. Since Christ is the Lord of all life, all activities in the school should be conducted in accordance with the teaching of Christ.

In any community, the acts of an individual, whether good or bad, will affect everybody.
In order to enhance harmony in the school and the rest of the community outside the school, certain behaviour is expected of every individual. These Rules and Regulations endeavour to set out the School's expectations of the students which they automatical1y accept once they are admitted to King's College, Budo.

 Policy TypePolicyTitleAbstract
1ADMINISTRATION2.0 GENERAL SCHOOL RULES2.0 GENERAL SCHOOL RULES2.1 Any order given by the Headmaster, Staff or any authority shall be obeyed without question and any student who defies such order shall be suspended. 2.2. A student shall punctu·auy attend classes, Chapel (for All Christians), meals, games and assemblies unless the Headmaster or Medical Master has granted permission of absence. Any student who violates this rule shall be pl.mished by Reds, detention, porter or suspension for a period to be determined by the Headmaster in that order. 2.3 All students shall speak English at the school and on school trips save on Saturdays and Sundays from Midday and when conducting or receiving lessons in other languages. 2.4 All students shall maintain silence during prep time. 2.4.1 0' level male students shall do their prep in their respective classrooms and A' level male students shall study in the library. 2.4.2 The female students shall do their prep in the Ditming Hall, unless otherwise directed by the Headmaster. 2.4.3 Any student who violates this rule shall be pwushed by Reds, detention, porter or suspension. 2.5 All students shall be in bed between the lights out and the waking-up-drum. Any student who violates this rule shall be punished by Reds, detention, porter or suspension.
2ADMISSIONSINTERPRETATION OF RULES AND REGULATIONSINTERPRETATION OF RULES AND REGULATIONSIn these Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires- 'balancing shorts' means putting on shorts with the belt or waist line around the buttocks as opposed to the hips. 'bursary road rule' means the rule that prohibits any student from going to the wing of the opposite sex demarcated by the Bursary Road. 'dark cornering' means students of the opposite sex fraternizing together after 7:00 pm other than in class. 'detention' means confining a student to a room as a form of punishment. 'elaborate hair style' means plaiting hair, perming hair and keeping hair longer than 2 cm. 'exam/test malpractice' means copying another student's work during an exam or test, entering examination rooms with unauthorized/illegal material which gives a student an unfair advantage over other students in an exam/test, doing acts which compromise the school or its students or its status as an examination centre, compromises or attempts to compromise any student, staff or any other person with the intention of gaining information likely to give him/her an advantage over other students in any exam/test. 'gating' means prohibiting a student from leaving the school compound as a form of punishment. · 'porter' means manual labour given to a student as a punishment. 'reds' means writing between thin red lines inscribed on a piece of paper or writing on normal stationery as a punishment. 'French Leave" when a student goes out of school or when on a school trips leaves the group without permission. 'school casual' means school house T-shirt with a collar and school uniform skirt/shorts/trousers. 'suspension' means a form of punishment where a student is sent home and he/she is temporariiy barred from attending lessons/tests and participating in any school activities for such time as may be determined by the school administration. 'vulgar/obscene language' means words or gestures that are indecent or characteristic of lack of culture. 'waking -up drum' means the drum that wakes up students.

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